The Tour That Never Ends! Goldfield Trading Post in Sacramento hosts Rock bands Dead Poet Society & BRKN LOVE

Have you ever felt the urge to collect a group of friends and embark on a tour of the world? That’s exactly what BRKN LOVE and Dead Poet Society are doing right now. On 1 November 2022 their tour made a stop in Sacramento, California at Goldfield Trading Post.

The show started with a set from Yunger, a local Sacramento band. Their music features a blend of post-hardcore and heavy rock instrumentals. Yunger has previously opened for Red Jumpsuit Apparatus at the grand reopening of The Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA. Their set was energetic and they took some time to speak about addiction and mental health encouraging the audience to fight the good fight.  

BRKN LOVE opened up their set with, “We aren’t dead poet society… We aren’t Led Zeppelin. We aren’t AC/DC. We are broken f*cking love and we are here to play some rock and roll!” The band then proceeded to rock the venue with massive guitar riffs, soaring and powerful vocals, tasteful guitar solos, a drum solo, and even a bass solo. BRKN LOVE’s music takes heavy influence from Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Pink Floyd and although they are not a classic rock band, the band has the rock and roll attitude to match their musical prowess. 

As Dead Poet Society took the stage, Jack Underkofler (lead vocals, guitar) sauntered onto the stage holding a piece of torn cardboard. “Did he write the setlist with a sharpie?” one audience member commented. We knew then that we were in for a good show.

DPS’s music can best be described as Muse meets Deftones with a light seasoning of psychedelic rock. The band’s performance was high energy and loud all around. The most impressive aspect of their performance was Jack’s singing. Despite having recently recovered from laryngitis his voice soared over the band’s heavy riffs. If he was sick he could have fooled everyone there. Towards the end of the set Jack addressed the audience. “You guys know how hard life can be. But what keeps us f*cking going is these moments right here these kind of nights where we just get to share this fucking energy and have some fun. We fucking love you guys thank you so much.” 

Dead Poet Society is finishing out their American tour before taking their show to europe. We wish them the best of luck hopping over the pond! 

Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire
Dom Author
Musician, Bass extraordinaire

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