TikTok for all it’s worth is a polarizing phenomenon that instantly swept the world. It has managed to infiltrate pop culture like Hollywood, television, YouTube and so on. Not only that, but it has also managed to be a part of important life changing events such as current events and politics. Thanks to a diverse cast of creators (yes, this might include you!), all of which blessed with a unique voice and perspective in life. 

A star maker, an agent of change and all-around platform for every citizen with a smart phone. TikTok, more popularly known as Douyin in China has made its indelible mark in communication history even in its less than a decade run of 6 years. How could it not? The app is just so irresistible, easy to use but most of all free of charge. Not to mention, the variation in content that could be found and consumed in a short span of time. 

Before this tidal wave of attention, and it’s current evolution. It has always been a music heavy platform first and foremost. Whether it’s simply an array of moves coupled with a beat or following a dance craze. A sliver of a song cover or an original from talented musicians in various stages of their careers. Its undeniable that this simple and humble app has united a world through music. A constant reminder that we can unite, not just as a country but a global community.

Doubling on its musical history, TikTok is once again redefining how we consume and express ourselves through music. This time, with their recently launched distribution platform called Soundon. Announced last March 9th, it dubs itself as “TikTok’s all in one platform for music creators” as found in their site. 

So, what makes it so special? Well, here are four points to take note of namely the artist receives 100% of their royalties, being paid in a monthly basis, maintain 100% ownership of their music and lastly no admission fees whatsoever. When it boils down to joining, it can be summed up to three steps. Here they are in order: Registration (Verify Identity), Licensing (Sign an agreement), and Distribution (upload music). 

To add to the aforementioned perks and simple application process, artists of all levels could directly upload their masterpieces to TikTok and Resso. Not only that, because it could unleash tunes in other outlets like Spotify, Apple Music, and Instagram. Then there’s the chance to elevate one’s career, using services such as advanced dashboards, and a chance to take part in SoundOn+ to name a few. A program consisting of musicians hitting it big in TikTok. 

Interested? If so, come on over and visit their official website and their Instagram account for more information. 

Hear ya’ later! 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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