Tiësto’s New Album “Drive” Details an Epic Night Out

Tiësto has returned with a complete concept album, the first since Kaleidoscope was released in 2009. The tracklist draws heavy inspiration from the DJ’s personal fascination with cars and Formula 1 racing, emphasizing the glitz and glam.

This album is something anyone can enjoy on the dancefloor, in the gym, on a car ride, anywhere or anytime you are looking for incredible sonics and energy. Seeing how much everyone is loving the string of singles has been incredible, and it was amazing putting the full album all together.

– Tiësto

Already, the songs have accumulated billions of streams, gaining anticipation from fans for the release. Drive showcases the energetic and electric sound that is characteristic of Tiësto’s music, as he details a thrilling night out.

The album wastes no time and kicks off with an upbeat track. “All Nighter” talks about staying up and using every hour to party and celebrate. The song features a siren-type sound that simultaneously awakes and excites listeners.

The Motto” starts off with Ava Max’s hypnotizing voice. As the song continues, the listener almost becomes entranced and the life of partying like there’s no tomorrow becomes very appealing.

10:35” features another famous artist, Tate McRae, who begins with her distinct voice. Slightly raspy and delicate, McRae conveys a sense of longing and wanting to be with a loved one. In the chorus, her voice is reinforced by the rhythm, emphasizing the nostalgic lyrics and tone.

The Business” sounds like an anthem. With a low, booming voice, the track underlines that the time is now. Tiësto is straightforward using a catchy beat to transform the song into a message people can’t help but remember.

Taking place in Los Angeles, “Chills (LA Hills)” makes references to the city’s hills and nightlife adding to the overall excitement and thrill. The song alternates between an electronic and trap beat, where A Boogie wit da Hoodie will take over and talk of the feeling of desire and wanting nothing but to be with another.

I’m at this party in the LA Hills
Come through, come talk to me
Give it all to me
You know what I want, you know what I need
Don’t go too far from me
Life’s short, get along with me
If you give me all of you
You got the rest of me

– “Chills (LA Hills)”

With faster lyrics and rhythm, “Hot In It” brings up the energy. Charli XCX gives listeners no time to dwell, as the song talks about confidence again and again. The circular structure makes for a great song of affirmation and encouragement without time to think otherwise.

Pump It Louder” has an introduction that is instantly recognizable. Taking one of the Blacked Eyes Peas’ most iconic tracks, Tiësto transforms it to make it feel a bit more laid-back and a lot more electronic. Compared to the original, the collaboration takes its time in building that excitement and tension to ride out that good feeling.

Things get a bit more personal in “Learn 2 Love” as the lyrics talk about learning how to love again. This message is repeated over and over, taking pauses in between that give space to breathe and time to dance. The breaks also give highlight the faster, more exciting parts of the song where the rhythm fully takes over. 

Don’t Be Shy” incorporates a lot of vocalizing, with Karol G creating musical sounds that aren’t necessarily words. She does a mesmerizing job, playing up that swaying feeling compared to Tiësto’s timely rhythm.

Bet My Dollar” borrows Freya Riding and her very soulful, hollow, deep voice. The rhythm supports her voice quite well, especially when she goes up into her higher notes during the chorus. The song is faintly reminiscent of disco funk, a different beat to dance to.

From the very beginning, “Back Around” sets a cool and collected tone, with AR/CO singing of a love that has the power to bring people back together. The expression, “My love will bring you back around” is repeated, an essential for the electronic dance track, letting listeners enjoy throughout the post-chorus.

Lay Low” opens with a chanting from what sounds like a chorus. The song soon transitions to a low, echo effect, a distorted voice is a contrast from the ringing of the chorus. It’s a very interesting combination of a simple and resounding tone and a modern-type beat common in electronic dance music. The track brings the entire album to a close as listeners get to reflect on the crazy things that happened last night.

While Tiësto began as a trance artist, producing music that transports listeners to another state of consciousness, he transitioned into more mainstream pop. Combining his personal style with the best qualities of the genre, the DJ has become a staple for any EDM fan. Tiësto is set to perform at Heatwave and Breakaway Carolina 2023 this summer, as well as his regular spots, Las Vegas’ Zouk Nightclub and Ayu Dayclub. Listen to Drive, check out his discography and get a taste of summer early.

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