Spinning Round for Rattleback Records this Record Store Day 

It’s perhaps the best day of the year — Record Store Day (RSD). On April 22, 2023, celebrate this music lover’s treasured holiday by making a trip to your favorite local record store. I know I will be. 

Since 2008, folks have been celebrating RSD by giving love to independent record shops from near and far. With the release of the RSD 2023 Official List, shoppers can check out participating record stores for special releases. 

So in honor of Record Store Day 2023, I had to support local a little early at one of my favorites: Rattleback Records. 

I took the L through Chicago to make a stop at this store and tell you all about my experience at just one of many shops the city has to offer (so stay tuned for more). Let’s face the music — it’s hard to beat a quality record store, but what makes a good one? 

Here’s everything that makes Rattleback Records a must-try for anyone in the area:

Rattleback Records knows how to go all out for Record Store Day

Located in Chicago’s neighborhood Andersonville, this community classic didn’t disappoint for RSD 2023, posting its list of RSD special releases. The shop also kept up the hype for RSD 2023, posting a series of RSD highlights on Instagram to build excitement for the beloved day. 

Rattleback will remain open from 9 a.m. through 10 p.m., an increase from its usual hours. Patrons are in for a special treat, as Rattleback Records is hosting its first-ever RSD After Hours. From 6:30 p.m. to close, the record shop will host live DJ sets by Lee Collins and Marc Davis, along with a tasting for the 21+ crowd. 

You won’t want to skip these festivities, so come on down for the best day of the year to visit Rattleback Records.

The vibes are immaculate

I walked into Rattleback Records solo and immediately felt at home. Greeted with friendly words and listening to the chatter of shoppers talking about music and concert memories with employees, it’s clear Rattleback Records loves its visitors, who love the store right back. 

It’s easy for a record shop to feel pretentious and intimidating if you aren’t the most familiar with the scene, but this shop is super inviting. Gently sift through the stacks and take a look at what it’s got going on. 

The store’s vibrant colors lifted my mood immediately, and the rows upon rows and shelves upon shelves of goods galore were oh-so promising. With fresh releases and sale bins, new and old items, and every genre you might have in mind, Rattleback Records probably has what you’re looking for. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll find something you weren’t looking for but fell in love with anyway. 

Not into records? No worries. Rattleback Records also caters to those who prefer CDs, cassettes, books, and a myriad of other merchandise.

You know you’re supporting a local LGBTQ+-owned business 

It’s always good to give back to the community back a little bit of love. Times can be tough, so shift away from chains and look to support your local options. If not every day, then at least do it in the spirit of Record Store Day. 


If you don’t have any plans for Record Store Day, I hope that’s changed. It’d be a shame not to join in on so many of the amazing participating locations around the nation. And if you’re in Chicago, you know where to go. 

karapeeler Author
Hello! I’m a journalist at Northwestern University, and I love writing about all things arts & entertainment. Keep up with my work on Twitter @karapeeler.
karapeeler Author
Hello! I’m a journalist at Northwestern University, and I love writing about all things arts & entertainment. Keep up with my work on Twitter @karapeeler.

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