No Etiquette Gives It “All To You” With Their Latest Release

Electronic duo No Etiquette released their new single, “All To You,” this month. The single, released with Bassrush Records, adds an attention grabbing track to the group’s discography. Producers Mark Rader and Eddie Brousseau make up LA based the pair. They originally formed in 2018 as a heavy bass project, but revived their sound in 2022 with “Hit Em.”

No Etiquette via Facebook

“All To You” opens with a question, therefore a vulnerability. “Can I ask you, was it something I did? Still I wonder, because it isn’t too clear.” However, it quickly finds a heartbeat after these initial queries. The voice finds its footing, racing against the drum kit, who moves like a ticking clock. The energy is quite sultry, but packs a big punch about a minute in. The vocals fade, reprise, fade again. EDM takes over and the song explodes. 

The record-scratching synth, heavy bass-line, driven concept create an exciting climax. Because there are moments of stylistic contrast, the song keeps the listener at the edge of their seat. No Etiquette masterfully switches between a vocals-centered ballad verse and moments where dubstep speaks its own volumes with no accompaniment. The repeating line of the song,“watch me walk away, I’m taking everything you want,” pairs well against the extremity of the sound, in place to say what words may not always be able to. They are both kept in time by drums that seem to be exploding with personality. The song balances giving it all to someone or giving it all to yourself, and that is often the question with the most contrasting answer. 

“I don’t want no trouble, tired of the lies. You’ll find yourself another heart as cold as ice”

No Etiquette, “All To You”

No Etiquette has performed as an opening act for Nero, Lektrique, and ATLients. They have standout singles, collaborating with big names Lick, on “MANKIND,” and True God, on “Enter The Darkness.” No Etiquette, with their signature black eye paint, are on the up and up in the world of electronic dance music, so be sure to check out their new single “All To You” below! 

Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.
Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.

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