The Wistful Excellence of Celine Cairo’s “Heartlines”

Celine Cairo has released “Heartlines” today, April 29th, 2022. Not only known for starting her own label, she garnered her fans from all around the world for her unique vocal quality and intriguing live performances.

Born in the heart of Amsterdam, Cairo grew up in a music-loving family. Her father is a passionate amateur drummer, and her mother a music-enthusiast. This played a big part in inspiring Cairo to pick up the guitar, and with loving family guidance, she soon started writing her own songs. By the time she was 18, she had played small venues all over the Netherlands, and won a local award that led to a performance in Carnegie Hall. Some time after, she debuted with an album titled Free Fall, and became a Radio 2 Talent. The album has since racked up over 10 million streams, and Cairo has nothing but a bright future ahead of her.

“Heartlines” is now available for all audiences through Spotify.

The single starts by bringing audiences in with a beautiful acoustic sound, followed by Cairo’s melancholic vocals sure to destress anyone. The lower ends of her range fits perfectly with the low sounding instrumentals, and put together the song tells an elegant tale of giving your heart to someone and asking for theirs in return. In the lyrics, she also expresses her readiness to change, and willingness to look for answers that may have been purposely hidden before. With a dreamy trumpet solo as the final bridge, “Heartlines” is a finished package of an excellent track deserving to be experienced by a large audience.

Cairo can also be found on Instagram.

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