Learning to Trust and the Struggles it Brings in Cupid Girl’s “Claustrophobia”

“Claustrophobia” releases today with Cupid Girl’s debut EP The Stages of Healing, which is a description of the five stages of grief. Cupid Girl is most known for her relatability to Gen Z’ers, as she relays the struggles that many young people live through today. With both her parents being opera singers, Cupid Girl was brought up by classical music and practiced the piano since she was six years old. Today, she is known for diving into the indie landscape with courage and emotion.

“‘Claustrophobia’ was written when I was at my lowest; during a time when the whole world felt claustrophobic. I was in pieces, feeling like this powerlessness made me lose myself. Ironically I think this stage kick-started my healing and my motivation to find and build myself up again.”

Both the single and the EP are now available on Spotify.

Photo Credit: @ingridmarieeee

Containing a gorgeous and jazzy sound throughout the entire track, “Claustrophobia” is very creative in its beginning, climax, and conclusion. Cupid Girl’s singing is the main feature, and even though it would be perfect alone, the words are given more pizazz with different edited flares distributed throughout the run time. One in particular has her sounding like she is actually underwater, struggling to break through the surface. The best part about this, however, is the segment right after is completely different. It’s triumphant sounding, like she escaped the harsh waters, and is learning to trust in people once more. A completed story in just over three minutes, “Claustrophobia” is worth getting invested in.

Cupid Girl can also be found on Instagram.

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