Folk at its Best: High Trees Release Self-Titled Single

High Trees comes forth with their brand new self-titled sing today, April 29, 2022. This follows their previous singles “What if,” “The beat of things” and “Golden boy,” all of which are compositions take the audience on a musical adventure.

High Trees as a band is perfectly described as such: three trees of different height, consistency and background forming a match of energy, smoothness and connection in music. Their musical endeavors explore different atmospheres driven by a pop beat and colored with an Irish tasteful touch, and their songs are enriched by the instruments like the banjo, the guitar, the piano, the ukulele, and the violin. Everything they do is based on life, and the creations that come from these inspirations are nothing less than superb.

“High Trees” is now available through their Spotify profile.

Immediately after hitting the play button, the song takes off with clapping hands, a racing acoustic guitar and a triumphant piano. Speaking of the beauties of the earth, “High Trees” exemplifies upbeat folk at its honest best. Each singer carefully conducts their vocals in such a way that perfectly matches the instrumentals behind them, and creates an aura of happiness cloaked in multiple rays of sunshine.

To follow High Trees, they are also found on Instagram.

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