The Painful Quest Required for Mental Stability in Nicotine Dolls’ “2 Weaks”

Known for providing their audiences with a feeling of escape, Nicotine Dolls has released “2 Weaks” today, shining a light on mental health, heartbreak and all the other things that come to be overwhelming. This follows 2022 releases such as the reflective “Till Both We Say,” and 2021 releases such as their ever-adventurous and unique debut EP, Sex, Addiction, and Everyone Else.

Photo Credit: @hannahgreve3

This newest single holds up completely when compared to Nicotine Doll’s previous releases. “2 Weaks” starts off simple, pleasing, but as the song moves forward it continuously transforms from previous sections, stepping up the emotion and highlighting the flare that is unique to Nicotine Doll’s sound. The single speaks in detail of the despair that comes with wanting mental recovery, how it isn’t a straight path of continuous successes. Especially when coming out of a relationship that has been teared apart, the realization of a thread that must remain forever cut is at times devastating. As we are all brutally familiar with, when the wound is at its most fresh, weaknesses is all that can be seen. “2 Weaks” captures everything stated and more, packed full with extremely emotive vocals and a gorgeous variety of different instrumentals. The track is one you certainly cannot miss, as it is truly a fantastic piece of art that is worthy of spreading around.

“2 Weaks” can be listened to on Spotify and Soundcloud, and everything else from Nicotine Dolls can be found on their Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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