The wonderful and incredible Mandy Moore is dropping new material and Vevo is showcasing all of Mandy’s talent with live performances. “Four Moons” and “Heartlands” are songs off of Mandy’s new album In Real Life. Mandy bares her soul on this album opening up about heartaches, setbacks, joy and taking life-changing leaps of faith. This new mommy also opens up about her journey through motherhood with detailed lyrics. An album full of warmth and comfort from one of the best Disney princesses (Rapunzel, let down your hair). From giving us emotional performances in This Is Us to now serving us soothing sentimental music.

“So much of this record came from future-tripping on the next chapter of my life and what it might look like: what parenthood would feel like, how it would change everything, and all the excitement and trepidation that comes with that,” Moore says. “At the same time, it was about celebrating and acknowledging where we were at the moment and really trying to be completely present in the everyday—which is maybe the hardest part of the human condition.” 

Mandy Moore

Let’s start with the performance of “Heartlands.” Wow, what a raw and emotional song that pulls you in from the moment Mandy starts singing. There are no crazy vocals in this song, but Mandy’s voice is steady, strong and carries so smoothly. You can really hear the guitars and how they help carry the story. This song talks about how you may have distanced from someone, but there is always something keeping you connected and whatever happens, you’ll always be there to catch them if they fall. Sounds like Mandy would be a great friend who will tell you like it is but will always be pure at heart.

Vevo’s official live performance video for “Heartlands” by Mandy Moore

Onto “Four Moons” which is equally as beautiful. This more of a romantic song describing the love for a partner and seeing the moon in their eyes. The moon knows everyones secrets, always there even when hidden kind of like the love you have for someone. Love is always there and it’s captivating just like the moon. Stupid cupid stop picking on Mandy (if you get this reference, you’re now my bestie). A very reminiscing song on the journey of love and celebrating all the “firsts.” This song really just draws you in and makes you picture the person you love and gets you all in the feels. Looking into the eyes of someone you love is such a blissful and intimate moment.

Vevo’s official live performance for “Four Moons” by Mandy Moore

Two beautiful songs that I hope brings you comfort when you listen to them. Enjoy all the little moments in life. Make sure to acknowledge the future, but always stay mindful and present. With that, Mandy is headlining a US tour for her new album and it is her first tour in over 10 years. Get your tickets to see the tour here.

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ToniAnn Romeo Author
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