The Mummy Cats new single “Gold” is a cathartic new rock release

With a regretful, introspective riff on the guitar, “Gold” by The Mummy Cats begins soft and slow. Then, drums enter with a haunting and soaring collection of “oohs,” and these other layers begin to envelop the listener. With a voice like Orville Peck (deep, regretful, and unmistakably southern) singer James Cox sings, “I don’t wanna die cause I don’t wanna die alone.” The vulnerable lyrics are what drives this song, with the instrumentals acting as its soundscape of sorrow, regret, and an infinity-like feeling of death staring you in the face. The chorus takes that emotional heaviness and flips it into a passionate and hard sound, with the song taking a more punk, grand approach in between the softness.

Effortlessly, the song’s layers thicken from there. The lyrics begin to spin an introspective coming-of-age story, the guitar riffs become more complex, and the drums more prominent and unapologetic. After the second chorus, there are even features from a nostalgic piano and violin. As Cox sings, “and every breath I take is gold,” an electric guitar solo enters by Morgan Liveoak, slowly bleeding into the end of the track like one last shout into the abyss. 

The Mummy Cats album cover.

The band said about the track:

“Regardless of age, the dynamic of this song with its soothing verses and cathartic choruses can help open up anyone who has dealt with coming of age stress or feelings of death.”

The Mummy Cats

The duo of The Mummy Cats met only a few years ago. James Cox was working as a power tool salesman in Tennesse when he moved back to his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama to focus on his musical passions. Cox got in touch with guitarist Morgan Liveoak one day from Craigslist, and after a few jam sessions, the pair realized their musical styles were linked. After working together for over one and a half years, the two finally began releasing their music to the world in 2020. “Gold” is the last track on their newest EP From the Head. Listen to the song below.

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