Nija Debuts To Capitol Records with New Album: Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

Debuting with Capitol Records this past January, Nija has finally introduced herself officially to the music industry. Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You comes from years of collaboration experience with other artists, and brings the name of Nija to bigger heights, even as an already three-time GRAMMY Award-winning contributor. With the passion of a flame, this album allows Nija to show off her ideals of no-nonsense, and flare as an unmissable solo artist.

When speaking on her experiences of going from behind-the-scenes to center stage, Nija says as such:

 “There’s a stigma against songwriters turning into artists because usually they give all their sauce away, but I’ve always made sure I went above and beyond people’s expectations. So don’t say I didn’t warn you about that.”

“Wicked” brings forward the intended mood for the album immediately. In an array of sweet tunes and soft vocals, Nija shows off her hardened feelings when reliving a period during her life, and how she failed see the wickedness in someone she once held higher praise for.

“In My Feelings” talks on how no one will ever catch Nija slipping into a romance where she can’t properly defend herself if anything goes array. Basically, those who cheat should beware, as Nija has others that she can call to at any time and any place.

“Finesse” features a delicate guitar and a smooth, echoing atmosphere. Nija sprinkles her own touch into these vibes, and calls out those who remain jealous, even after a relationship is done and through with. She does not stand for easy-going forgiveness, as Nija thinks better of herself than that. As she says through lyrics, “you’re the one that sparked a revolution.”

“Not One Of Them” allows Nija to express, that first and foremost, there is nothing about her that is basic in the slightest. She was never a push-over and never will be, as she has too much real-world experiences to be tricked by any shallow attempts. If you leave, that’s your problem, and not hers.

“Beautiful Lies” is sung through an angelic symphony, and through this the thrill of exceptional love-making is poured out beautifully in both instrumentals and vocals. The euphoria of the moment, where everything feels just right in bed, in encapsulated perfectly in this exceptional single.

“Rare” double-downs on how Nija has been through the thick of it, and she emphasizes that she has no time for playing games. As the lines say, “call me for the love, not exposure, you know that I’m rare,” Nija knows that she is a woman of exceptional capabilities, but dealing with your bulls*** just isn’t in her schedule.

“On Call” holds realizations that nobody can be free of noticeable flaws. Holding a tipsy feeling in itself, the track speaks of calling the person you want to see most while under the influence. Nija gets what she wants when calling, after all, so after some drinks, what’s the point on passing up the opportunity?

“Ease My Mind (Come Over)” is heavy in the desire to see the person you love most after a longer type of day. Being away from the workplace calls for a minute of relaxation, and Nija wants her knight in shining armor to put her work-filled mind at ease.

“You Don’t Love Her” shows off Nija’s confidence of knowing that she is incredibly difficult to replace. Verse two shows off this confidence, as Nija says, “just trying to overwrite your feelings, I can tell, rеplacing what I gave to you with someone else.” She knows full well that her absence is a void left unoccupy in the deeper parts of an ex-lover’s heart.

“Someone Else” tells of how dangerous it can be to try to heal yourself through someone else, and how situations like this can often lead to disaster. It’s near impossible to a heal a heart with just the love of one other person alone, and the track recognizes this and more.

Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You shows off the brain of some of today’s biggest hits finally performing as a solo artist. This album is nothing but badass, with every track contained in it holding incredibly strong statements, and all ten given a unique composition and sound like no other. Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You as a whole can be pursued for your enjoyment here:

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