The coming-of-age genre-bender “Before It Was Time To Let Go” by Cam Blake

The latest single from Cam Blake’s upcoming EP “Before It Was Time To Let Go” puts the young artist’s immense growth in the indie genre on display. Over the past two years, he’s grown as both a producer and an artist, slowly accumulating upwards of 30,000 listeners on streaming platforms and releasing new music faster each month. This latest track by Blake is an upbeat, indie rock and pop mesh, an ode to missing that special someone in your life. Lyrically, the song focuses in on that one person you can’t get out of your mind, even though you know it will never work.  With layers of dreamlike-synth and confident indie-rock guitar riffs throughout, the song comes at the perfect intersection between relatability and honesty with distinctly hyper-real cinematic feels.

Vancouver-based Blake’s musical influences for his music are vast, including the likes of R&B, indie, and alt-rock, and it’s that flexibility that gives him a unique edge. His ability to fuse genres across his discography started young as he spent his entire life around music and started to write and perform at only eight years old. For the past five years, however, he’s especially spent more of his time writing, recording, and honing his craft. 

It was in July of 2018 when Cam Blake released his first official project with Adagio Music, an EP titled “Abyss” which included a full-production music video for the single “Meditate”. Other notable projects of his include the early 2019 singles “Falling” and “Fast Love”, among a slew of other successful releases. As far as awards go, Blake was just recently named a semi-finalist in the Elevate Music Project out of Vancouver and placed in the Top 30 in the Best of Vancouver competition. His stagecraft and performing ability have exploded since those wins and he’s been playing numerous shows all across his hometown since.

While contuining to grow as a musician and performer, Blak also recently completed his first full-length debut indie rock album co-produced by himself and Sam Cutri titled Bad Vacation which dropped in 2021. The three singles from that record were featured on commercial and campus radio stations across Canada and the USA. Keep up with Blake on his website or other social media platforms for more and listen to his new song “Before It Was Time to Let Go” below!

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