Many spend their nights lying awake getting drunk on the perfect revenge cocktail. Mixologists in their own right, post-breakup melancholics who get a taste for vengeance can’t often be stopped. Whether it’s stalking their ex, antagonizing their replacement, hitting the gym, or buying Ben & Jerry’s, there’s really no getting in the way of someone mourning the end of a relationship. 

But some take it a step too far––we all know the types. Catie Turner inaugurates herself into this class of quasi-satanic, post-breakup menaces with her new single “Step Mom” via Atlantic Records. If you haven’t guessed by now what the track is about, we’ll cut to the chase and say yes, it’s exactly what you might have been afraid of.  

Making all of our worst nightmares come true, Catie Turner exacts psychological torture on her ex with “Step Mom,” threatening the poor soul of her ex-lover with the potentiality of becoming their father’s new love affair. And while the story Turner tells in “Step Mom” is more a comedic musing than a real call to action (we hope), the pretense is enough to make your skin crawl. 

Catie Turner, courtesy American Songwriter

Turner’s provocative “what-if?” track is accompanied by a creative, colorfully-infused lyric video. As her ultimate breakup track plays, the video follows the turning pages of an animated scrap-book documenting her new life with her ex’s father.  Tinged with bitterness, the video mimics the palimpsest quality of a high-school diary––think Regina George’s infamous Burn Book from the classic 2004 flick Mean Girls.

Watch the official lyric video for “Step Mom” on YouTube

Musically, “Step Mom” loses its punch in certain places to an overly-worded set of lyrics. Bigger, clunky words could have been tossed for shorter, snappier ones to give Turner’s single a more digestible melody; after all, break-up tracks ought to be for the masses. But all in all, “Step Mom” is a well-executed, satire-infused pop track good enough for anyone who plays things a little dangerously when it comes to revenge. 

“Step Mom” is Catie Turner’s third single of 2022, and comes after 2021 EP Heartbroken and Milking It. Clearly this lady’s got a sense of humor when it comes to relationships…and losing them. Stream more from Catie Turner on Spotify, and stay connected via her website, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and YouTube.  

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