UK based post-hardcore band, Telling Secrets, recently released their single, “Secret Lies,” a fresh and heavy track perfect for fans of any hard rock fanatic looking for something new.

Penned during the first COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, “Secret Lies” depicts the blurring of the lines between entrapment and freedom. The band’s vocalist and guitarist, Vik Kovacs, wrote the song while isolating in quarantine. In that isolation, there is a newfound awareness of free time during a pandemic. When at first, there’s almost a release in being able to have the free time necessary to start pursuing passions and desires, there are many setbacks involved when being stuck in the house and unable to connect with loved ones. “Secret Lies” continues to discuss the longing to be elsewhere while craving the need for social stimulation from the wrong people.

Reminding me of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”– a classically gothic short story about a narrator who tries to convince their audience of their sanity; in which they instead fall deeper into madness as they seclude themselves more from the world– the themes that arise in “Secret Lies,” don’t feel so far off. As seclusion offers in its hands a lack of distraction and opportunity for creativity, the lack of human contact and social stimulation increases chances in affecting one’s overall mental health and sense of loneliness. Isolation is in this case, a cage. The track exposes the ever-present truth that lockdown has provided a veil of privacy which, through temptation and deceit can lead to sins which will be kept “Secret Lies.” The visuals in the track’s lyrics embody something seemingly inspired by Poe’s intriguing sense of darkness that lures its listeners in, all while gripping the ears with its soulful acoustic guitar in the introduction before breaking into the heavier, post-hardcore sound throughout the remainder of the track.

Having major roles in the creation of the track, SLAVES band members Matt McAndrew and Zack Baker oversaw the construction of it from a vocal stand point, and Zack recorded drums and mixed the song.

Overall, “Secret Lies” offers a new look into the effects of lockdowns and quarantine while warning its audience of the isolation in lack of human contact. It is a beautifully written piece with a classic hard rock sound, and crisp, clean vocals. Telling Secrets will be on our radar as an artist to watch, and we are looking forward to hearing more from them as they continue.

Stream “Secret Lies” now, available on all streaming platforms:

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