Telling Secrets Concludes Trilogy with Newest Single, “The Fall”

Hailing from District VII. in Budapest and now based in Los Angeles, Kovacs tells stories of blinding passion and temptation which ultimately lead to corruption. His music reflects his difficult and complicated upbringing as well as owning up to his mistakes and failures. After graduating from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, UK, Kovacs teamed with Rain City Drive vocalist, Matt McAndrew, who guided him to kick start the project with fellow band member, Zack Baker, performing on and mixing the tracks ‘Secret Lies‘ and ‘Casting Stones’

The sole architect of the group, Vik Kovacs, recorded material during the lockdown of 2020 around which the band; Augustus William Clark, and Lewis Wheeler – was formed. Telling Secrets represents the people who are ashamed of their emotions, as the music itself offers a respite and an opportunity for those who feel a bit outcasted to process through the conflicts, the ugliness, the fears, and the self-destruction in hidden dark emotions.

Telling Secrets just launched the third single of theirs, all of which provide their own chapter. With this being the third and final one, we see the terror wrought upon acting upon the darkness and the destruction and loss that may follow. And in this, the lyrics offer a way out; a way to process through and find peace amid darkness.

The single was released with a music video to conclude the band’s first chapter. Watch this, and check out the other two singles; and share your impression in the comments.

Watch the music video below:

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