Telling Secrets Begins Follows Trilogy with New Single, “Bad Dreams”

Last we heard from the architect of Telling Secrets, Vik Kovacs, he had just wrapped up the visual trilogy in singles “Secret Lies,” “Casting Stones,” and “The Fall,” his first three singles in new solo project. Since arriving in Los Angeles from his British upbringing, Kovacs has teamed up with Rain City Drive vocalist, Matt McAndrew, who guided him in the early stages of his music journey. Zack Baker, of Rain City Drive, performed on and mixed the tracks. As a result, we hear a combination of heavier rock and poetic lyricism that drives his stories forth from the mind of Vik.

This summer, we received the first taste of Telling Secrets since concluding their trilogy. “Bad Dreams” intensifies the soundscape further as it charges forth with a fast-paced series of drums and guitar, and a hook-driven melody in the chorus that will linger in the mind long after the song finishes playing.

About the single, Vik commented:

this song is about insomnia as well as a relationship that you want to prevent from happening. A lot of weird astrology influences went into this one too!

~ Vik Kovacs | Telling Secrets

We are excited to hear more from this rising rock artist. What astrology references did you pull from the track?

Stay tuned for more updates, and stream “Bad Dreams” below:

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