Sueco Has “Paralyzed” TikTok

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In more proof that pop-punk will thankfully never die but will continue to morph with the times, Sueco – a.k.a Sueco the Child – was forced by “overwhelming demand” to release his new single, “Paralyzed,” before it was initially scheduled for release. Of course, this all happened a few weeks ago – my apologies – but it’s still important to note just how important of a moment this is for Sueco and for the pop-punk community. John Feldmann, whose credits boast work with Machine Gun Kelly, blink-182, and Avril Lavigne (to name but a few), produced this track for Sueco, and the sound makes it apparent that this is what works best for Sueco.

This song is proof that pop-punk continues to persevere. The essence of pop-punk will continue on through generations. While Gen Z did not create pop-punk, artists like Sueco collaborating with the old guard will help keep the energy alive in just the way it has always been, but it will have one caveat: the younger generation discovers music in different ways. Older journalists have referred to Gen Z as “the TikTok generation,” but for once, they are not far off. Like I said in the Frances Forever review and many people have noticed over the past two years, TikTok has become a major space for music discovery. Sueco just cashed in on it.

And this is how pop-punk survives and thrives. The angst will be nostalgic to those who went through the first and second waves. The method of release will grab new listeners who will then feel the angst. Sueco is helping keep an entire genre alive by stopping things on a dime with a simple song teaser, and he should be commended for it. Bravo, Sueco. Check out “Paralyzed” below and let us know what you think!

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