Cameron Hardy Releases New Single, “Perfume”

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August 13th saw an insane amount of new music released. We got The Killers’ new album, Jade Bird’s new album, Jungle’s new album, and Still Woozy’s album. We got new singles from Lizzo (feat. Cardi B), Denzel Curry, Dream Theater, J Balvin, Louis the Child, and Dr. Dog. We also got Sueco’s “Paralyzed,” which you can read a review of right here. Because of this, Cameron Hardy’s new single, “Perfume,” flew completely under the radar.

“Perfume” tells a love story that, quite honestly, is slightly confusing. Some of the lyrics would dictate that the narrator initially cheated on the significant other in question (“You still just can’t forgive it/maybe I’m just ambitious) while others seem to betray genuine sadness at the loss (“I still smell your perfume when I’m with her/Holding her, but it feels like your figure”). Others still would make you think that there is something slightly possessive going on (the line leading into the chorus is “If you’re really happy, then it’s not fair”).

That might seem harsh. However, let me close with what Cameron Hardy does that isn’t quite as confusing. The production on this is solid. The musical basis of the song is what truly lets the audience know that this narrator is genuinely sad. The subtle background vocals beneath the synth stabs are chill-inducing. In addition, Hardy’s voice is similar to Charlie Puth, and that means he has even more promise. Look at what happened with Charlie Puth. That’s why I choose to believe in Cameron Hardy, and I hope you all will, too.

Check out the music video for “Perfume” below, and let us know what you think!

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