As soon as you walk into Antone’s you are definitely in nightclub territory. There is a bar to the left with chairs and tall tables aligning the walls. Some viewers decided to sit with others and others decided to wait in anticipation by the front of the stage. No matter where you are in the crowd there is intimacy between the fans and the performers.

I walked to the front of the stage and start a conversation with a couple, this was their second or third time seeing Indie Pop band, slenderbodies, I said it was my first! I had no idea what to expect, only with the knowledge of a few singles I heard before the show. The couple said I was definitely in for a chill night.

The night turned and 10 pm was on the clock. The lights dimmed and psychedelic images flashed on to the projector screen. It was as if we were inside a rainbow lava lamp. Three guys walked onto the stage wearing matching puppy ear hats. slenderbodies, comprised of Max Vehuni and Benji Cormack, looked like a bunch of regular people just like the rest of us. It wasn’t until they began to play that it started a trip for the night.

Their setlist was composed of breezy indie pop, along with complex guitar riffs, and smooth vocals from the frontman. His charming voice filled the air with dreamy and smooth vibes. Their song “Anemone” from their EP Fabulist, was the first song that I recognized. Instantly I fell in love with its whispers and water like hook of the song. They had a fresh and interesting take in sound to the Indie Pop genre, focusing on hushed vocals and air of the composition.

The crowd swooned along with every song with the occasional scream out of excitement. Even during the performer’s water break, one fan yelled “Chug! Chug!”, keeping the energy in the air fun and free. slenderbodies even wiggled their puppy hat ears to the beat of the songs, cracking a few laughs and ‘whoops’ in the crowd. The group had a playful yet modest tone in their performance, blurring the line between the fan and the performer. It was an all-around awesome concert experience.


-Hollie Birdsong

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