slenderbodies, a self-described “indie-pop duo obsessed with guitars and falsetto,” has managed to merge creative dream-scapes with a relaxing, yacht energy.

Members Max Vehuni and Benji Cormack’s successful niche-carving has been evidenced by almost 200 million streams and counting. Consequentially, this Avant Garden music group has garnered the attention of Billboard, Complex, Clash, Wonderland, CULTR, FLAUNT, and a host of other publications.

are we? washes over the listener like low tide sliding across a Mediterranean beach-goer’s feet. Mentally transported to that peacefully, sunny locale, the listener basks in the concurrent summer breeze of slenderbodies’ chill delivery.

Leveraging the laid-back vibe hallmark to their live concerts, “Cherry Blossom” set the tone with some slick auto-tune vocals to a bouncy beat. The subject is a passion so strong one could see it from outer space.

“Favorable Colours” describes wanting someone so badly you could only hope they requited. Striking that balance of showing interest, without sharing just how strongly you feel about them. Not wanting to ruin things by moving faster than that person might be ready for, you let them reach the same point as you on their own, which will be far more fulfilling anyway.

For “Lime Ocean Paradise”, slenderbodies moves into that bliss where two people lucked into liking each other the same way at the same time, a dual obsession where each person was wholly vulnerable. Willing not only to trust their mind, body, and spirit to that other person, but wanting that individual to experience all of them in every way.  

“Mirror” leans into that moment when the person you’ve been hanging out with becomes more than a hookup. When you realize you wanted something more – a real, tangible relationship. Recognizing that the onus would be on you to initiate, you practice asking that person out – alone, in front of your mirror, an embarrassing series of times – all to muster the courage required for putting your feelings out there.

slenderbodies via Avant Garden

“Focus” features indie singer-songwriter Tim Atlas, who delightfully contributed his R&B/Jazz sound to the track. A redemptive plea to someone deeply cared about, in which the narrator recognizes their mistakes. Whether broken promises or otherwise, they assure that person they’d do whatever it take to get back on track.  

Gaining an assist from extraordinary harmonizers Crooked Colours, slenderbodies put together “Superpowerful” as a delicate dance floor jam. Relaying that floating feeling earned when in the groove with one’s dance partner, the in-sync rhythm creates a freeing invincibility from any external stressors.

“Heartbeat” speaks to becoming comfortable with the future’s unpredictability. This looks like taking confidence in your ability to adapt to any challenges, knowing you’ve got someone next to you who’s your “ride or die,” building into that unified team the two of you comprise.

“Summer Lost” delves into a summer fling – a lazy, lustful season you want to keep going on forever. When you and the other person fit like a glove and want to spend every second together, that mutual desire made it easier to forget about anything else going on in the world, for it would taken away from embracing each other.  

Finally, “Easier” elucidates how life would feel so much more meaningful with a partner in crime. With someone down for whatever fun, crazy activity comes to mind. This would be someone who just gets you, and you in turn, them. It’s really hard to find that special someone, but when you do, never let them go.  Find a way to work out any differences that develop.

are we?, as beautifully subtle as its lowercased spelling, dropped today, May 21st! Livestream at 10 P.M. (EDT)!

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