Scoobert Doobert pays tribute to internet friends in his newest bedroom pop release

With yet another addictive track coated in modern groove pop, “All My Friends Live on the Internet” is the latest lo-fi bedroom single by synth artist Scoobert Doobert. With effortless electronic riffs and smooth drum beats framing lyrics detailing the lore of making internet friends, Doobert switches between admiration for these virtual relationships while also giving satiric views on the same scenario (his mom thinks he’s a loser, but there’s nothing “virtual” about his friends (even though he never wants to meet them in person.))

In every track Scoobert Doobert releases, his signature musical voice is unmistakable: something of an easy wit framed by synth beats, all coming together to craft easy thoughts of summer weather. Aside from his solo project, he is also the producer for the major up-and-coming Japanese rock band CHAI. His own popularity continues to grow too, particularly on the Internet.

His success came big this past year with his 2021 album Big Hug being nominated for best R&B, Funk or Soul Album at the San Diego Music Awards (where he is based.) He is also regularly featured on many of Spotify’s top playlists such as New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Pop, and Indie Brandneu, including songs from his latest EP KŌAN B. This year he has also been featured in magazines such as Pitchfork, NME, Paste Magazine, The Fader, and others. Having only just started making music in 2018, this relatively new signer is already making big waves across the electronic indie music scene both as an artist and a collaborator.

Give Scoobert Doobert a follow on any of his socials (“if you want to chat or share memes,”) and listen to his new track “All My Friends Live on the Internet” below!

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