Glasse Factory has your exclusive access to Phoenix’s own Strange Lot with first listen to their new single that recently dropped (thanks to us, you don’t have to wait that long) called “Funny Sounds.” Strange Lot created a very slow trippy song and the video is interchanging colors like a kaleidoscope. It is very hypnotizing to look at and feels very tranquil. “Funny Sounds” is said to be bridging the gaps between experimental psych like Deerhunter and Broadcast with the fuzzy grooves from The Oh Sees. The two styles are really marinating together creating a style like no other. The band will be dropping a brand new LP in September and is it also titled Funny Sounds. The LP was recorded by Dominic Mena on an Atari eight track tape machine and crafted by Joe Lambert (Deerhunter, Neon Indian, Animal Collective).

Official music video for Funny Sounds

The band started out in 2014 and was founded by Dominic Mena and Tim Lormor. In 2019, Luis Valerio joined the band on the bass, which helped them dive into the renowned Austin music scene. In December 2019 the trio signed a deal with Mac Music Records. They quickly started gaining attention when they released their EP Walk of the Sun. Strange Lot had their very first show on NPR’s Tiny Desk session. Another Mind released in 2015 was the band’s first full-length EP reaching number 73 in the CMJ top 200. It was also ranked in the 20 best records of the year by The Phoenix News Time. Consequence of Sound even gave them praise for their music calling it a “pressure free environment.”

Mena covers his vocals in dusty reverb, the kind that brings to mind hot, sandy roads rising up in ripples towards blue and yellow skies. Dennis’ bass lines span the gamut of altered states, from the pleasant amble of “Supremium” to the spiraling insanity of “Erthqke”. Thanks to Lormor’s loose wrists, the cymbal-heavy drum sections pummel the brain without ever battering it, softening it just enough to accept the reverberation of the swirling guitars. With hints of early Tame Impala and Mac DeMarco’s nonchalance, the record encapsulates a young band discovering their sound in a pressure-free environment. The three musicians allow themselves to take it easy on their songs, giving moods the time and space to roll along in their natural way.”

Consequence of Sound

Keep up to date with the band and look out for their new LP coming this September. For now, follow Strange Lot on all social media platforms: Official Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify SoundCloud YouTube and lastly, BandCamp (this one time at band camp, you know I had to throw that in there)

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ToniAnn Romeo Author
Follow my socials or feel free to tag me if you post my reviews! Insta:toniann_romeo Twitter:toniannromeo_

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