School’s Back in Session with Ghost in Real Life and Slippy’s Collaboration “Youth”

Ghost in Real Life, also known as G.I.R.L, has teamed up with Slippy to release a new single to get listeners moving. The two Los Angeles-based artists managed to garner more than twenty thousand streams in under a week.

For “Youth“, G.I.R.L makes a return to her punk roots. When she was younger, the artist often rocked a mohawk and could be spotted in the mosh pit. Slippy also expressed enthusiasm for the project and its throwback to punk. The DJ slash producer also boasts versatility in the genre, from electronic and synthpop to trap.

Growing up, I went to a lot of punk shows, listened to punk music, and was even in a punk band. When I was writing the lyrics with Shep and producing the track, I wanted to truly embody what my past sounded like and blend it with my future. Adding Slippy on brought the track to its true DnB potential. Definitely one of my favorite collabs yet.

– Ghost in Real Life

The track features Ghost in Real Life’s vocals, which many fans were thrilled to hear. She brings out this angst, touching on her childhood trauma and adolescent experiences— these are the parts of the song when her voice truly gets to have a moment. The lyrics are brutally honest, talking about moments of struggle. Yet, the musician bounces back with a resilient and rebellious attitude.

I’ve been waiting and wasting, just can’t take it no more

There’s a burning inside and I’m losing control

I’ve been lost in the darkness but now I’m seeing the truth

I’ve been cursing at the wind since the days of my youth

– “Youth”

Thanks to the steady instrumentals, the lyrics can be fully absorbed, almost like a rallying cry. But soon enough, the beat takes full force with an aggressive drum and throbbing bass. All the anger and angst from the lyrics explode into a cathartic interlude where listeners can simply let loose and headbang.

Ghost in Real Life is slated to perform at Bass Canyon this August alongside a grand lineup. Slippy has not announced any appearances but is keeping fans happy with updates on his music through Instagram. Check out both G.I.R.L and Slippy on Spotify for some of their best tracks.

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