Jackson Wang and Ciara Take Things “Slow” For Their Newest Collaboration

Jackson Wang and Ciara exude chemistry for their newest collaboration, “Slow,” performed for the first time at Coachella 2023. Ciara’s appearance was also completely unannounced, so the set was a pleasant surprise for fans. The two had even put together a choreography, one that accented their individual style and perfect synchronization. Everyone was simply enjoying themselves: the audience, the dancers and even the artists.

This year, Jackson Wang was the first-ever Chinese solo artist invited to perform at Coachella. The artist has made a name for himself in the hip-hop genre in Korean, Chinese and English. He previously appeared as a part of 88rising’s showcase the year before. The historic moment led to a Twitter moment as #JacksonWangCoachella went trending. For the first time, festival-goers got to hear songs like “100 Ways” and “Blow,” as well as “Champagne Cool” and “Come Alive” live— the complete experience.

Now, the song is all about taking it slow. Yet, the rhythm has an upbeat groove that keeps things moving. Each artist takes a turn sharing their perspectives. Ciara goes first, expressing pleasure with her company. Jackson then responds, agreeing to set the pace as if they were meeting for the first time all over again. The entire time, there is chemistry and heat, things both singers play up as they exchange verses.

Slow the pace, ain’t a race, woah

I’m here all night for love, that’s right

When you please me, pump the breaks

You can take your sweet time

Ease your mind and remember

– “Slow”

For Jackson Wang, this project is a dream come true. Wang has been a fan of Ciara, like many, as she’s known by many as the queen of R&B with an illustrious career and catchy tracks.

Collaborating with Ciara was like catching lightning in a bottle. Her energy, passion, and creativity elevated this track to new heights, and her unwavering commitment to excellence inspired us to create something truly magical.

– Jackson Wang

Since “Slow,” Jackson Wang has also released a brand new single “Cheetah.” These are a few of many vivid and impressive songs on the setlist as Jackson makes his way across the United States and later, South America for his tour, MAGICMAN. With the first stop in San Francisco, the tour is already exciting fans with the promise of no mysteries and all magic. Make sure to give “Slow” both a listen and a view, now that the music video is out now.

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