“Abandonment Issues”: Rowan Drake’s Melancholic Single Out Now

Rowan Drake likes to make things complicated– not with the intent of multiplying a problems severity, but to focus on the intricacies of the simple ones. The incredibly passionate pioneer stirs his soul into all things tangible, but when his mind comes to play, unforeseen beauty is born, gracing the world with classic introspection paired with melancholic confessionals. Out now on all streaming platforms is Rowan Drake’s scroll of experimental self-discovery– the genre-bending “Abandonment Issues.

The Ithaca, NY-born singer/songwriter first discovered his unmatched musicality after losing touch with his first love. After being involved in a tragic accident that left him unable to pursue snowboarding professionally, Drake’s dreams were recharged and refocused with the power of his guitar. Naturally and unscathed, he channeled his persistency through dedication, steadily rebranding himself in the studio rather than the slopes. With his diligence, grace, and untethered tenacity, Drake was a force to be reckoned with, a sound so beautifully uncanny, all by the age of 15.

At the cusp of adulthood, Drake uprooted his life to the land where dreams go to prosper. LA called his name and called it loud as he made his way across the country to write, record, and perform with young up-and-coming stars, and once he arrived the sky truly was his limit. Through connections, new friends, and the suffocating power of dedication, Rowan Drake got his foot in the door and with that we get to see his alt-pop dream world come to life.

Abandonment Issues” at the surface insinuates a track of deep reflection. With no arrow leading the way, it commences with a vagueness that invites its listeners to imbed their own story between the lines. In a muffled conversation sprinkled among hazy strings finding their match in the hue, his sound speaks to the lovers of Radiohead– those who are painfully familiar with the turmoil.

The track is angelically moody with its soften yet razor sharp instruments that breath with opposing sounds but somehow come together to wedge the knot in our throats closer to the surface. With a voice made of silver, it travels throughout the track to the beat of its own drum, leading its instrumentals on a hypnotic path towards closure. High and low, Drake displays his conversationally-driven vocal range, breaking the fourth wall in an attempt to close the gap between our world and his.

Listen to the track here— now available on all streaming platforms!

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