Nineteen year old Rowan Drake has releases his second single of 2022 “abandonment issues” following his single “2 people.” An emotional angsty song showcasing the beautiful sound of an acoustic guitar, Rowan lets out all his raw feeling. Rowan has used music as a space to transform his feelings into art and unexpected beauty since he was just 15 years olds after a devastating snowboarding accident. Since the accident, Rowan could no longer be a competitive snowboarder, so he turned his healing to music. Rowan starting writing this song back in October of 2021 in his first LA apartment. He had a few lyrics and guitar chords then finished the song later with his friend, Author. He then recorded and produced it a few months later with Aaron Osborne. “Abandonment issues” is the first song that dives into Rowan’s dark unique sound. It truly captures vocally layering, different musical ambient textures but still feeling light as the guitar carries across the track.

Rowan expresses in this song how his abandonment issues started early on and it is just because he cares. Sometimes caring too much takes a toll on a person and Rowan sings about using alcohol to cope with it. He cares way too much while she cares way too little. Rowan’s voice is smooth and soothing and ties together with the complexity of the melody all throughout. The visualizer video helps tell the story of two young teens going through the motions of life with a 90s film vibe. You can see Rowan being all in his feels trying to work through his pain and understand his own emotions. It really brings the song to life and makes “abandonment issues” an understanding story.

“Sonically, or in other words, the feeling of “Abandonment Issues,” is a representation of chaos and anxiety in the choruses separated by breaks of stripped-back clarity. This song touches upon all the feelings I had after moving away from home and fearing losing all the people I left behind. The song is meant to be listened to in a car or headphones at nighttime in a place where you can fully feel all of what makes this song so special.”

Rowan Drake

Can’t wait to hear more music from this young and uprising star!

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ToniAnn Romeo Author
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