Justice Carradine Makes His Return With Emotionally-Driven Single “Better Off Alone”

After taking a year to recharge, reset, and reinvent, Utah-bred singer/songwriter, Justice Carradine, is back and more vulnerable than ever before. His latest single, “Better Off Alone,” released via Chosen Music and Atlantic Records acts as a pivotal moment in his music career, and a hardy appendage to his upcoming debut EP What A Weird Dream. Inspired by his battle with anxiety, Carradine gives fans an incredibly unshielded look at the narrative told in his previous release “Tears In My Eyes,” only this time with a more direct approach– love. It is Carradine at his most self-assured and declarative self and he prevailed like no other.

Justice Carradine has lived, breathed, and survived through music since he could pick up a guitar at age five. Coming from a rather musically driven family, his craft didn’t stop at guitars. Following his discovery he found innovation through piano, ukulele, drums, and his eventual knack for songwriting. Derived from his heavily charged family heritage, Carradine fell closely to his Native American lineage, propelling his influence from standard to personal.

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His prepubescent years proved music was never leaving his sight as he harnessed a large sum of views (5 million to be exact) on his Youtube Channel, where he released covers of adored songs. Usually seen as a form of imitation, Carradine rewrote that narrative and became one of the most inventive cover artists on the internet in 2015, clearing his path towards his current success.

The all inspiring, spearheaded catalyst of the indigenous dreamers left nothing unsaid and nothing undone on “Better Off Alone” and with that the track arguably serves as his songwriting magnum opus. “Better Off Alone” fabricates a feeling most are too afraid to express, and when the all-consuming, draining, yet electric feeling of love is involved, it’s hard to find a way out.

Carradine’s track, with inimitable streams of consciousness, ties those lose ends while simultaneously providing an outlet to feel seen. With its consistency, a space for abstraction is unveiled as his glistening vocals bounce off the synthetic plucks of his guitar. His conversational tone opens the door to his listeners and its instrumentals remind us that it’s still a performance–but a performance that’s been dwelling in the depths for far too long.

As the track centers around his voice alone, it displays his unfathomable resonation. Carradine is the type of artists who can move mountains with just the power of his voice and the vibrations of his guitar, and “Better Off Alone” puts all his trades on a pedestal– with a special spotlight on his long-awaited return to songwriting, which was articulately honored in a piece by V Magazine.

After signing with Chosen Records/Atlantic Records in 2019 Carradine found his footing, and ever since, he’s had the world at his fingertips. Fast forward to today, the singer/songwriter has numerous singles under his belt, all of which received proper applause from sources like Billboard, V Magazine, and Euphoria–all by the age of 23. Impressive is an understatement. With that, all that’s left is an intoxicating feeling of excitement for his completed EP. Pre-save the project here, and never stop streaming “Better Off Alone” here!

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