Rosie Darling Makes The Pain Go Away In ‘Nail In The Coffin Ft. Boy In Space’

Being in a relationship is one of the best feelings known to man. It gives you wings (like Redbull, wink wink), making you feel as if anything is possible as long as the other is present. Cupid shooting an arrow straight to your heart, having this romantic bond is an explosion of emotions. There’s joy, excitement, passion and everything else that’ll get your senses on overdrive. But just like a paper boat at sea, it’s also vulnerable to sinking into the depths of nothingness. To a point where you experience the opposite of before, and slowly pain devours you whole like a Megalodon.

This same unbearable pain can be found in artist Rosie Darling’s latest titled ‘Nail In The Coffin Ft. Boy In Space’. Released April 21st, in all major streaming platforms via Nettwerk. This recent offering from Rosie Darling in collaboration with Boy In Space is a track that sheds light on a dying partnership. Individuals both burned and suffering from this catastrophically unfortunate event. This is a cry for help for someone or something to please just drive the ‘nail in the coffin’.

A funeral held for a once blooming relationship. ‘Nail In The Coffin’ is proof that love is like a flame- it dies out right before your very eyes. For those crazy enough, it’s a meteor that crashes into earth and boom! All these are carried through the wind by Rosie Darling’s heartbreaking vocals. Which is then intensified by these dreamy instrumentals that leave you bawling for hours on end. As a result, painting us this garish hellscape for former lovers.

Amidst this brokenness, one can say that ‘Nail In The Coffin’ also exists to teach us all a lesson. That if and when we find ourselves in this same fiery pit. We first  need to work it out with our significant other. But if all else fails, be humane enough to pull the plug. Not because you’re a quitter, rather you’re salvaging what’s left for the two of you.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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