Natalie Jean Experiences Ultimate Catharsis on New Single “I’m Her”

Vocal powerhouse Natalie Jean proves once again she knows how to deliver vocally and lyrically in her new single “I’m Her.” The Los Angeles-based 19-year-old singer-songwriter adds to her already impressive discography, which has pulled in over 230 million combined global streams across her songs, which include “AVA,” “seeing you with other girls,” “Mentally Cheating” and “Seven.”

Jean’s new release garnered over 20 million views when she teased the song prior to its release, and it was well worth the wait. Singing over a low synth beat, Jean immediately gets to the point with her opening lyrics: “Did you know I could see forward in time/Where there is no trace of you in my mind?/Boys are like pennies and nickels and dimes/If I don’t need ’em, I leave ’em behind.”

The song features lyrics highlighting themes of simply moving up and on. Jean makes it clear she wants nothing to do with her ex; matter of fact, Jean is writing off all the times she and her ex spent together, as well as all the pain they gave her with lines like: “All of the s*** that you did will not hurt/All of the s*** that you gave will be burned/Memories dead to me now in the dirt.”

Further embodying the high-energy power anthem is the single’s chorus, where Jean likens herself to a god and warns against screwing her over.

I call myself ‘a god’ as a metaphor because gods have the highest level of power. I have the power to choose to not let you bring me down.

– Natalie Jean

The second chorus continues the religious themes, bringing in the imagery of breaking bread, turning water into wine and biting an apple off a tree. But during the song’s outro, Jean lets out an empowering reminder about her capabilities and how she will put herself first no matter what: “I’m not even holy, but my heart is safe and sound/’Cause if you hurt me, I’ll come right back around/Swingin’ at full speed, go and call the cops/Tell them that you’ve seen.”

Jean also released a music video alongside the single, where she sings her empowering lyrics while bathed in red light. Stream “I’m Her” and follow Jean on her social media platforms to stay updated about new releases and announcements.

“I’m Her” is a cathartic release with a versatile sound channeling self-empowerment, self-worth, and the importance of moving on to bigger and better things. Stream “I’m Her,” available now on all streaming platforms.

Alex Alaimo Author
Lover of all things odd and eccentric;
Alex Alaimo Author
Lover of all things odd and eccentric;

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