Ali Dellas Keeps Us Company On A ‘Saturday Night’

Saturdays are always fun! It’s the perfect day to relax, catch our breath and of course be with our loved ones. Sure, Friday is cool and all but you only get to spend half of it because there’s still work/ school. Sunday is fine and dandy, but you carry the burden of thinking about Monday already. Saturday? Hands down, it takes the cake (and the icing). Why it takes the win is pretty simple; you have the entire day to yourself without having any restrictions. In a nutshell it could be seen as freedom at its finest.

These same feeling lingers albeit in a slightly darker tone as explored in Melbourne based indie bedroom pop artist Ali Dellas’ latest song entitled ‘Saturday Night’. Released April 20th in all major streaming platforms all over. ‘Saturday Night’ puts a spotlight on those who are overwhelmed by events such as parties, night outs etc. that take place that day. Its reminder that like a coin, there’s a flip to side to everything. “Every single Saturday night. Wish I could go but I won’t. Get in my car but I don’t.’Til I scroll and cry.” as the lyrics would tearfully say.

A bit too close for comfort. ‘Saturday Night’ is also Ali Dellas pouring herself out to us listeners as she gives us a picture of what her social anxiety looks like. Not to mention the jealousy and the bouts of sadness that creeps in as she sees others be more sociable than her. With a voice so beautiful and gentle as the breeze Ali Dellas takes us on tour of her psyche. Deep into the recesses of her mind, thoughts and heart. The instrumentals that accompany it leaves us in pieces as find ourselves mourning with her. “Every single Saturday night, I wish I could have a laugh, the real kind. Not the one that tumbles out when I’m stuck in my mind. Kinda nervous in a big crowd. Full of people being too loud.” This yet again, is a display of the power of music and how it can cross heavily guarded boundaries. They aren’t just poems riding the waves created by a stream of notes. Songs and singers much like Ali Dellas and ‘Saturday Night’ are messengers that reach out saying “you are never alone”.

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Happy Saturday friends!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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