Rising Nigerian Artist Winny Shares Dancehall-Inspired Single, “Don’t Leave”

Following up on her breakthrough debut single “Pretty” in 2022, up-and-coming Afro R&B/soul artist Winny has released “Don’t Leave” as an introduction to her self-titled debut EP. The single is a fresh and infectious blend of dancehall and Afrobeats, showcasing Winny’s versatility and unique sound.

The song opens with a catchy hook that immediately draws the listener in. The production is top-notch, with elements reminiscent of traditional African rhythms blended with contemporary beats. The result is a perfect fusion of old and new. Winny’s vocals are beautifully delivered, with a raw emotion that captures the feeling of longing. Her voice is powerful and comes straight from the heart as she sings about the precarity and vulnerability that comes with a new love: “Boy I love you, why I’m chasing you/(Please don’t leave me here)/Wulla people say, e no faze me/(Please don’t leave me here)”. In the chorus, an upbeat refrain that is impossible not to dance and sing along to, Winny sings smoothly and effortlessly, showcasing her impressive range and control.

This new single from the up-and-coming Lagos artist is a testament to the vibrant and diverse music scene in Nigeria. In a scene like Lagos, where new artists are emerging daily, it takes talent to rise above the crowd as Winny has done. Drawing influence from such all-time artists as Chronixx, Wizkid and Kranium, she has early established herself as one to watch.

Check out “Don’t Leave”, below and wherever you listen to music, and stay tuned for the release of “WINNY”, her debut EP, on April 7th.

Marcet is a Chicago-based freelance writer.
Marcet is a Chicago-based freelance writer.

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