Jonas Litton is about as typical Nashville singer-songwriter as it gets; down to earth, raw storytelling in poetic lyrics, hospitable beyond expectations, eclectic collection of vintage stringed instruments, and wearing a solid flannel shirt with a flashy raccoon tail hat… what? Enjoy this endearing interview and performance of Jonas Litton, featuring some very personal original tunes.

With a hint of Americana within folk rock, this Nashville singer-songwriter composes compelling music full of melodic guitar riffs and vocal harmonies that keep its listeners engaged through the end. I don’t know about you, but Jonas’s songs are the exact kind of tunes I would want to hear played outside by the campfire. His lyrics have a sense of home to them that pair perfectly over the hums of an acoustic guitar. Jonas even whips out the harmonica for this performance!

But that’s just on a stripped set; there’s still harmonica in the studio album, but a fuller band sound is the real feeling of Jonas’s music. He claims his music is just a “hodge podge of stuff and sounds,” but I think it sounds like a very well-constructed compilation of progressive, melodic indie rock project. His voice is phenomenal, his lyrics are honest, his guitar melodies fill your soul, and the drum beats keep the energy high.

As a multi-talented artist, Jonas also does a lot of audio work and podcasting on top of writing and recording music. He is a proper Nashvillian, as in he has a camper, a mini chicken farm in his back yard, a quirky hobby of uni-cycling, and several hand-me-down instruments including a ukelele, guitars and a mandolin.

Jonas was such a joy to talk with. In our interview he speaks to the process and progression of an artist from the first album to to the next and the next. He describes each album as being a time capsule, constantly improving upon the previous one as he honest his craft, applying learned techniques and lessons from experiences.

His full-length album Suburbia was recorded in 2017, which includes a new personal-favorite track of mine, INTP, which he performed for us at my request! You can, of course, stream his music on Spotify, but he also has plenty of physical copies for sale still, if you’re into that! I got mine and will be listening to it in my car while I cruise all summer probably. Stay in touch with Jonas on Instagram and keep an eye out for his eventual second album!

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