Päter Shares “Earth In Revolt,” a New Anthem for Climate Change Action

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Indie-folk rock artist Päter reminds us of the power of Mother Gaia in their track “Earth In Revolt.” Inspired by the wash of a brilliant orange sunset amidst this global pandemic, Päter realized that the Earth will most definitely survive this, with or without us mere humans. Consider this the new anthem for climate change action! Punching vocals with belting harmonies sing lyrics advocating for the Earth’s protection and reminding us of her resilience. The passion of this message is captured in the sonics of the track, with solid guitar and drum riffs pushing forth to the climax, almost resemblant of the burst of that orange sunset.

This note from the artist says it all:

I wrote this song when I was driving down the highway early in the pandemic and there was this massive, orange sunset filling up the whole horizon. It felt like nature flaunting its ability to reclaim itself. That’s where the “Earth in Revolt” line comes from. We often talk about the Earth like it’s this fragile thing we must altruistically save and I think that’s us overestimating our place in the world. This is a song about someone violently waking up to that.

Päter, on “Earth in Revolt”

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