Melting Elk Shares Their Second Release, an Ode to Pierce Bronsan

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Melting Elk is a 4-piece that melds multiple different “lost” sub-genres of hip-hop, comprised of Tokyo on guitar, Webster on Keys & Synth Bass, Bobby on Drums and Father Baker on the Mic. “Pierce Bronsan,” the band’s second single off their latest release Quarantine Dreams: Live from the Shibuya Underground. Named after their favorite actor, this song showcases each of their individual talents, as they all go off in their respective parts on the track. Comp chords and synth runs fill up all the spaces between the intricate drum grooves, while guitar looks soar across every verse and chorus; meanwhile, Father Baker holds it down on the Mic spitting bar after bar, also adding variety with vocal nuances. The song is complete with drum solo and all!

Enjoy this live home video Melting Elk recorded of “Pierece Bronsan” so you can see with your eyes the talent this group possess.

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