Dax Shares His Commentary on Bullying with A New Music Video for His Song “Joker Returns”

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New track by Dax “Joker Returns” is highly aggressive and vulgar in his delivery, but the music video is so theatrical and well produced we had to give it a shout-out. Also Dax’s bars go hard. He’s definitely a lyrical genius wordsmith. At first I thought the song was just angry, but after continuing to listen I realized there’s a lot of passion in these words he shares with us. “Joker Returns” is actually a strong commentary on the scary repercussions of bullying (as in, bullying kills) and personifies the song with Batman’s most notable enemy, The Joker. Dax is relatable through the rough edges because he stands for something and shares a story of a man stuck inside an unpleasant experience he can’t seem to escape, mentally broken and scarred from being bullied.

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