Ori Dagan’s Newest Single “Would You Swing My Way?” Is a Swinging Delight!

Photo Credits: Jen Squires

Much like the other musical endeavors that Ori Dagan partakes in, “Would You Swing My Way?” manages to blend the modern-day themes of today with the old-world sound of big band jazz. When singles such as “Clicked on Romance” dwell on Dagan’s success with online dating, his newest track laments the perils of being virtually ghosted. A 21st-century tale of romantic uncertainty in the age of texting and miscommunication, this swinging standard is undoubtedly something you should be all ears for.

Jen Squires

Starting slow, we, the audience, experience a somber yet fun display of horns, jazzy drums, piano, upright bass, and singing at the verse. Full of character, Ori Dagan’s delivery in this section perfectly mix with the piano, bass, and saxophone while also unfolding an insightful narrative. As the tale divulges a date that got away and Dagan’s courage to catch up, the tune starts to significantly increase its tempo.

By the chorus, the drums and horns steal the spotlight while Dagan’s vocals guide us towards the fantastic guitar solo. Up there with Chet Atkins and Joe Pass, this delightful six-stringed performance showcases virtuoso chops while also being enthusiastically melodic. Ending with wanky scat vocal lines, the song comes to a happy conclusion with Dagan’s significant other finally “Swinging his way.”

Photo Credits: Dan Brown

Full of wit and conveying and massive boogie vibes, you can check out “Would You Swing My Way” right here. For more news, stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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