Southern Gothic’s, Oceans Of Slumber Release Their Own “House Of The Rising Sun” Off ‘Starlight And Ash’

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Releasing renditions of celebrated sensations is a shot in the dark for those who tend to tamper with fate. If lacking in any one aspect, the tribute can quickly become dominated by imitation. There’s a very fine line between appreciation and cookie-cutter, whereas one sounds like a ripoff and the other becomes its neighboring appendage. Repeatedly, artists think they’ve done the undone by transmuting their sound into that of their idols, essentially becoming what built them in the first place. But to the outsider they seem to lack originality and nobody wants to hear the same thing twice.

There are very few out there who have perfected the homage but even more who have overstepped their boundary. Against all odds, the Houston-bred myriad rock group, Oceans Of Slumber, seemed to have found the middle ground between creativity and praise, giving a metallic taste to the well-known “House Of The Rising Sun“–their fourth release off their upcoming album Starlight and Ash. Having delivered impeccable covers of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Candlemass among a legion of originality in their 2015 debut EP Blue, the band made a lasting impression.

Voiced by metal queen, Cammie Beverly, the bands version of “House Of The Rising Sun” goes against the grain of their image but remains consistent with their hard exterior. From the get-go, Beverly’s incomparably isolating pipes vibrate your core. Backed by nothing but her own talent, “There is a house down in New Orleans” divorces rock and roll and surrenders to the choir. As guitarist Xan Fernandez glides into the track, his delicacy matches the softness of the sound, allowing Beverly’s voice to voyage through.

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“Going back to the female perspective of the song’s original version,” says the group, “we capture the troubled story of a traveler along the coast.” And as the strings take the forefront, a journey down the coast commences and writes a new chapter to this story. With the joining forces of Jessie Santos (guitar), Mathew Aleman (synth), Semir Ozerkan (bass), and Dobber Beverly (drums and piano) the track traverses between heart-wrenching, dramatic, and lovely all at once–a song for all occasions. It is the starlight within the ash of their vision–a gentle reminder of the bands inimitable range.

In anticipation of their forthcoming album the band wants to take you through their progressive frequencies on their Lighthouse East tour this summer! Find your city below.

Oceans of Slumber Tour Dates:
8/27 – Houston, TX @ The Secret Group 
8/29 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade (Purgatory) 
8/30 – Tampa, FL @ The Brass Mug 
8/31 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506 
9/01 – Baltimore, MD @ Metro 
9/02 – Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz 
9/03 – Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus 
9/04 – Providence, RI @ Alchemy 
9/06 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Preserving Underground 
9/07 – Detroit, MI @ The Sanctuary 
9/08 – Chicago, IL @ Reggies 
9/09 – Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar 
9/10 – Dallas, TX @ Amplified Live 
9/11 – Austin, TX @ Come and Take it Live

To pre-order Starlight and Ash, click here, dropping today!

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