Tupac Shakur: The Exhibits Final LA Run & Summer Programming

After extending its residency twice by popular demand, the all immersive tribute to the life and legacy of Tupac Shakur will be saying its final goodbyes to Los Angeles and its heaving visitors. Come September 5th, the beloved Shakur-paradigm, Wake Me When I’m Free, will complete its last run, but until then it will introduce new promotions and programming opportunities to stretch Tupac’s art and activism to the youth of LA.

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Developed by the collaborative hands of Jeremy Hodges and Nwaka Onwusa the part visual, auditorial, and interactive installation has displayed and reminisced on Tupac’s music, poetry, and unseen artifacts since January 21st. Representative of his active engagement with his community and culture, the 20,000 square foot space houses a labyrinth of influence, stories, and emotions reflective of the existing and forgotten. Amid The Canvas @ L.A., lies the visual progression of his born brilliance. Plastered on the walls are prodigious excerpts from Shakur’s 11 year old brain as well as the frustrations of expression nearing his demise.

To truly understand Tupac Shakur is to understand what built him in the first place. Along with artifacts synonymous with art are anecdotes of influence from his mother, Afeni Shakur, former Black Panther activist who evidently ignited Shakur’s flame of resistance paired with articulation. “Tupac Shakur was my Malcolm,” says Hodges, “he was my Martin, and to build an experience that honors such a prolific man cannot be summed up in words.”

First Room by Monique Gardener

In an effort to enhance Shakur’s impact, the creative directors have added new legs to the experience in hopes to draw attention to a younger, more formidable crowd. In addition to hosting several community groups, throughout the month of August, fans can come decorated in Tupac’s merch on any given Monday and receive a 10% entry discount (more details here). To add to its intrigue, on August 11th the exhibit will be teaming up with the Rooftop Cinema Club in El Segundo, offering ticket bundles that includes an exclusive screening of Shakur’s “Poetic Justice.”

Although it is the end of the west coast era, the exhibit will be hitting many cities in the near future. But until then, to experience the last of his legacy in the home of its creation grab your tickets below.

Link to all tickets and information here.

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