Cardi B, Ye, & Lil Durk Come In Hot With Summer Hit “Hot Sh*t”

Being a woman in any male dominated field (especially when you’re successful) is a gateway to constant disdain from all ends of the spectrum. It is evident that people talk about Cardi B and her slew of success in unconditional ways, but that never seems to steer her away from her drive, in fact her resilience shines just a bit brighter. Behind every insult, unnecessary critique and sessions of silence, Cardi B makes her anticipated return and reminds us why she belongs on top.

Single Cover Art/”Hot Sh*t”

After taking a year to disperse her craft among numerous collaborations, including her founding role in Playboy’s creative platform, the Grammy decorated artist became one of the most significant female rappers of all time, and she’s got the receipts to prove it. Her newest project via Atlantic Records, “Hot Sh*it” features the assorted talents of Kanye West and Lil Durk–an unexpected trio of powerful results. According to The New York Times this track is, “Cardi at her most straightforwardly skillful,” and it is clear that Cardi’s been saving this one for the right moment.

The Tay Keith production (Drake, Travis Scott, Lil NasX) was alluded during this years BET Awards and emerged as a sigh of relief from the fans of the diamond studded genius. Since the release of her 2x Platinum solo project “Up,” we haven’t heard Cardi on her own since 2021. Like all great artists, a break is needed in fear of a plateau, and with her one year musical hiatus she successfully avoided one and showed us what’s she’s got both lyrically and visually via the accompanying music video.

Hot Sh*t” is a classic, and if the term has not yet been appointed, then it definitely will soon. Far from anything she’s put out before, the track takes her modern style and reverts it back to the genres origin. The contrasting yet harmonious likes of her collaborators are set on a beat of simplicity. It’s consistent, catchy, but not too distracting, making this project a portrayal of her brilliance rather than a display of production. Melding together through their time on the mic, the rappers, although matching in energy, independently build on their own rhythm–with a reluctance of overshadowing one another.

Cardi B has repeatedly shown us her skill among a varying array of discography, sprouting new branches of her eccentricity, but “Hot Sh*t” seems to be the anthem of her success.

Listen to “Hot Sh*t” here, now available on all streaming platforms.

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