Introducing Sara Hjellström, musically known as SHY Martin. Hailing from the small town of Lerdala Sweden, SHY Martin began writing poetry and music as a kid. Following her win in a high school music contest, Sara Hjellström independently ventured her music journey.

Having established nearly 2.5 billion streams on Spotify, SHY Martin continues to grow her following with new music. Today the 26-year-old Swedish songwriter released her 4th single of 2020, “Nobody Likes Moving On.” This years prior releases include “Slow,” “Still The Same (ft. Boy in Space),” and “can I call you back?”

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“Nobody Likes Moving On” begins with the gentle picking of a guitar, before Swedish vocals begin the story of a breakup. “We can build a wall and divide the places we hangout, and our friends will get caught in the middle, will they hate us now?” SHY Martin unveils the discomfort of breaking up. The lyrics fall into excuses, all the little things one could possibly hold onto after a relationship ends—an old ratted T shirt or makeup left on a partner’s pillowcase.

The chorus brings a switch in melodic rhythm, the song slows down before picking up again. “At least for a while, yeah // I’ll admit, yeah // it will take some time // to get over us.” Lyrically, the chorus reflects that holding on. SHY Martin draws a simple phrase on across 4 lines, embodying the sense of a drawn-out breakup.

Swedish, smoky whispers guide SHY Martin through “Nobody Likes Moving On.” With 4 singles under her belt in 2020 alone, we can only hope a full album will be an addition to her discography this year.

Simply relatable with a catchy beat, “Nobody Likes Moving On” is one you’ll find yourself playing on loop. Stream SHY Martin on SoundCloud and Spotify. Or, find the visual music experience on YouTube, visuals by Hampus Hjellström.

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