BrickWindow just released their trippy, ambient new soundscape “Disassociate” today.

The New Jersey-bred five-piece blends elements of jam, hip-hop, electronic, and alternative to create a refreshing, adventurous piece that sounds like it would be a great fit in an STS9 setlist. Its combination of crystal-clear electric guitar, distorted synth, pumping bass, radiant piano, and a groovy drum beat makes for a wonderful listen. While the song is purely instrumental, it would make a welcome addition to any early morning playlist. 

“Disassociate” marks BrickWindow’s third single of 2020, following the releases of “Navigator” and “Space Capsule.” With this one, they’ve definitely made an impression.


About BrickWindow

“Originally formed in Plainfield, NJ in 2002, BrickWindow collectively have many years of experience in hip-hop, rock, electronic, experimental, as well as countless other sub-genres. Over 15+ years, and with about a dozen releases and projects, BrickWindow has continued to grow and expand musically. At times a collective of multiple instrumentalists, other times as simple as a Casio an a microphone.”

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