Moby Rich, a two-piece band featuring artists Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger, collaborated with Bishop Briggs on the latest single, “friends*.”

The duo has been rising in the pop music scene with their singles “Yoko Ono” and “Happy Pill.” The pair sings together, in unison, and sound like two parts of a whole voice as their beats and harmonies blast the ears with a euphoria of sound. Bishop Briggs, known best for hits such as “River,” “Tattooed on My Heart,” and “Champion,” her voice is unique and full of soul.


“friends*” is the perfect song to listen to when feeling the ache of missing someone you love who has left. Introducing us with the first verse, an acoustic guitar plays as Bishop Briggs breaks it down with her unique voice. Moby Rich joins in during the pre-chorus, creating a beautiful symmetry as their voices blend together.

The lyrics are a punch in the gut with melancholy, where you start feeling the emptiness of the person that left you behind. And it’s such an easy feeling to relate to; that fear of being alone after spending so much time with this person that you care about; the abandonment and emptiness, and that feeling that you are not okay with not even being friends with the person after everything is over.

Moby Rich and Bishop Briggs created the emotional collaboration made in heaven with a heavy beat and beautifully simple lyrics. Sometimes, simplicity is best, and in this case, it leaves room for the listener to put their own experiences and emotions into play to get lost into the story the musicians created.

Released a couple of days ago, the three musicians released an acoustic video of their new release. Created under lock down, this version gives even more room for their voices to shine.

“friends*” is available to stream today, and worth adding to your quarantine playlist! Listen here.

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