Darius Rucker could turn a frowning song upside down. There’s that much hopeful resilience radiating from his core.

The “Beers and Sunshine” singer carried on his positivity for this latest single, “My Masterpiece”. A feat admittedly easier to accomplish given his twenty-year marriage. Co-written with Ross Copperman, JT Harding and Josh Osborne, the track’s romantic waves would flood a Carolina salt marsh.

An easy-going melody belied the monumental accomplishment achieved by discovering the meaning to one’s life. He lyrically clarified his purpose like this.  

“…I never had a silver spoon, I didn’t grow up in a castle, I never walked on the moon, I’ll never paint a Sistine Chapel, I can’t play piano like Ray Charles, But baby when my life is through, I hope they say my masterpiece is loving you…”

-Darius rucker

Speaking again to that light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel mentality, Rucker conveyed how he’d spent a good deal of time searching for his reason to be. So, for all those bouncing around from place to place, banging their heads against the wall for motivation, patience may serve them well. 

“…I was born with a heart with a beat like a rolling stone, Never did I realize where I was supposed to belong, I never knew what I was meant to do, I never made sense to me ‘til I made sense to you…”

-darius rucker

As she was just the remedy to his wandering heart, aimless listeners might recognize that loving another with their whole heart is by far the most beautiful feather they could put in their existence’s cap.

The three-time Grammy winner has sprawled out in life’s canvas bed, content to share his wife’s gracious warmth in all their days blessed together. Inner peace that positioned him to help others in need, specifically philanthropic work through St. Jude’s Hospital.

Feel free to listen for some hard-earned wisdom from the southern-pop-turned-country artist.

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