Check out our featured music this week, including some beautiful and soulful new beats.

“Chase the Sun,” by Kinn: A softly ethereal track based in a soft drum beat, focused on the concept on happens to you when you chase something bigger than yourself. This track is meant for listening to with the car windows rolled down as you’re driving down a street, with its chilled-to-the-bone cool and laid back guitar.

“Confused,” by Elise Marra: The opening track in this seventeen year-old artist’s new EP, this song highlights soulful vocals and we think she should be on the radar as an artist to watch.

“Hurry Up and Crush Me,” by Billy Fox: For fans of Bon Iver longing for a unique taste and sound, this track is emotionally-packed with its stripped-to-the-core beat and soul-gripping lyrics.

“Hypertension Honey,” by Deity Jane x Velvet Code: Playing with synths and a heavy beat, the unique vocals are showcased on the center stage with its unique tone and chilling melody.

“Boyfriend,” by Leah Kate: Opening with a catchy hook, this track will send you dancing on your feet. The artist is a force to be reckoned with, starting her own label and being hailed by critics and fans alike. The artist comments that the track “is an anthem to empower girls (and guys) to move on and help to not recycle exes who aren’t good for you.”

“Rules,” by Nouan: A unique blend of classical strings and modern trap, this instrumental track is cinematic in experience and sound.

What was your favorite track this week? Let us know in the comments!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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