On September 7th, MUNA released their newest single, “Silk Chiffon,” to the world. Their first song since signing with Saddest Factory Records features their new label boss, Phoebe Bridgers, and is, according to guitarist Naomi McPherson, “a song for kids to have their first gay kiss to.” I can’t think of a better way to put it, so I’ll end the review here. Thanks for reading!

No, but in all seriousness, “Silk Chiffon” is MUNA’s entry into the canon of gay pop anthems, and it’s a fantastic entry. Centering the track around an acoustic guitar gives the song an early 2010’s vibe while simultaneously tying in influences from Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers – yes, a featured artist can be mentioned as an influence – to create one of the band’s poppiest releases of their career. The pre-chorus is one of the best pre-choruses of the year, and Phoebe’s verse opens with one of the funniest lines she’s ever written (“I’m high and I’m feeling anxious/Inside a CVS”). 

The only bad thing with this song is that it’s the perfect summer jam and it was released in September. That’s it. Lyrically, it’s fantastic. Musically, it’s fantastic. Sonically, it’s fantastic. There’s nothing to be hyper-critical of. The melody is an earworm, the lyrics are great, the metaphor the lyrics are built around is wonderful, and I can’t really pick anything apart. The release date is the only upsetting thing, but knowing MUNA and Phoebe Bridgers, this song is going to last through the winter and be the song of the summer of 2022. One of them, anyway.

The accompanying music video is fantastic as well, and we’ve linked it below so you can check it out for yourself! Let us know what you think about this entry into MUNA and Phoebe Bridgers’ discographies!

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