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“Hold It Still,” by Mark Diamond: Beginning with the pure acoustic guitar, this track’s vocals stand on their own with their emotive tones that are showcased at their fullest. Then the drums come into play, and build the scene the author has written for us to listen along.

“Ripcord,” by John Adams: Singer-songwriter hailing from South Wales lures their audience into this track with soaring vocals. His work is perfect for Sam Smith and James Blunt fans alike, who are seeking out a fresh take on the sound. Be ready to be set into a state of calm and ease, and to be pulled to-and-fro to the story this artist holds in their words.

“Fade Out,” by Mojave Grey: Capturing the vast desert landscape in sound, this artist seems to defy what we know about genre. Chill vocals ease into the track with a trance of instrumentals that harmonize with the piece in a symphony.

“All I’ve Grown,” by Alex Rv Philips: With this acoustic pop track, the artist creates a unique blend of soulful vocals and the ghost of a dance beat using primarily the acoustic guitar to create all the sound to compliment the lyrics. As the track progresses, a drum beat pours into the scene, but it’s almost as if it were there the whole time, and we are united into a musical masterpiece as the world begins to feel complete with the song’s inspiring message it holds.

“Somebody Else,” by Boon: This indietronica beat shares the talents of the 18 year-old singer, songwriter, mixer, producer, and master of their own sound. This artist provides an alternative anthem at the peak of youth and finding your own footing in the big world we live in.

“Noise,” by ICEBURG x TWAN: This moody track blends the depth of the caverns with the cool echo of the vocals, and provides chill pop breakdowns and cold feelings laced within the lyrics; capturing the chill of the absence of a loved one who has departed and you’re left to adjust to the new normal.

“Sheep’s Wool,” by Felons: Bending genre with folk and dance tones, this dramatic contrast creates a masterpiece of unlike sounds coming together. The artist’s emotive vocals further pull you into the scene as you’re torn into the scene of the sorrowful story this track holds within.

“Get Down With It,” by UNDERLINE x Gissberg: A collaboration for the ages, these artists gathered together from Sweden to curate an upbeat pop rock anthem. This crunchy bop is electric and will send you dancing and singing along to the lyrics.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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