Lolita Releases New Single, “I’m Not Waiting”

On February 22nd, 2022, henceforth referred to as TWOSday, American indie pop artist Lolita released her latest single, “I’m Not Waiting.” With subdued vocals, poignant lyrics, and ethereal production, “I’m Not Waiting” is “a mayday call to [Lolita’s] soul-family” that was inspired by a dream she had in mid-2021. In the dream, Lolita woke up in a shipwreck, followed “3 white dogs” to the exit of the ship, and discovered there was an orca blocking the exit who refused to move when she asked.

“I’m Not Waiting” Artwork

In this context, “I’m Not Waiting” has to be from the perspective of the dream-Lolita’s lover. The lyrics are predominantly about giving up on a relationship with a partner who isn’t making themselves available. The singer isn’t going to wait on someone who can’t be open and vulnerable. In the context of the dream that inspired the track, this could mean that the partner who isn’t making themselves available is trapped in an emotional shipwreck and trying their best to escape, which makes it all the more crushing.

The production on this track is fantastic. Even though the vocals are subdued, they never feel buried, and that subdued feeling helps them hit even harder. In front of the vocals are some dreamy keyboards, hard-hitting drums, and acoustic guitar that lends a little bit of grounding to the otherwise hazy track. The fact that it all works together even though the vocals are not always at the front of the mix is outstanding, and I can’t wait to see what else comes from Lolita this year.

“I’m Not Waiting” is an engaging track with an interesting story behind it. I wonder what other dreams have inspired Lolita in her songwriting, particularly since the dream that inspired this one seems, on the surface, to have no connection to the story of the lyrics. However, that necessary deep dive makes the song even more enjoyable.

Be sure to check out “I’m Not Waiting” below, and let us know what you think! 

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