On “Sober,” You’ll See One Day Grapples With The Chase For Fame In Inspiring Fashion

On January 3rd, Australian hard rock band You’ll See One Day released their new single, “Sober.” “Sober” is, as one might expect, about getting over addiction. However, it’s so much more than the concept suggests.

You’ll See One Day

In “Sober,” there are absolutely some explicit references to alcoholism, sure, but the song seems to also be meant as a metaphor for the band’s desire for fame and recognition. They want to be famous, so they’ll do whatever it takes, including separating from their families and feeling numb to everything going on around them. You’ll See One Day was formed “to become the biggest, most discussed, covered and listened to band of the 21st Century,” and “Sober” shows the issues that can come with chasing fame.

However, the way they do this is incredible. The instrumental on this track is fantastic, the production is really good, and the vocal performance is gorgeous. The drums on this track (provided by member Lee Elliott) are absolutely astounding, and the guitars provided by Travis Presley create a solid wall of sound that doesn’t drown out the vocals of Nathan Peachey. At one point in the second verse, they use screamed vocals as an accent, akin to Fall Out Boy’s “The Carpal Tunnel Of Love,” and it doesn’t throw off the vibe of the song. It fits well.

One of the first notes I took on this track is that “Sober” sounds like a heavier My Chemical Romance. To be clear, though, You’ll See One Day is not fitting into the pop-punk mould that has had a resurgence in the TikTok era. They are creating a heavier version of that golden era of Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, and others. As a child of the late 90s, it’s incredible to see.

Check out “Sober” below, and let us know what you think about You’ll See One Day!

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