Oliver Tree Shifts Into New Era On “Cowboy Tears” Tour in San Francisco

Last time we joined Oliver Tree, in December, we were just on the brink from hearing his second full-length album, Cowboy Tears. We had joined with him in his hometown of Santa Cruz for a charity benefit show for the local homeless community. The intimate setting provided a unique experience that few receive the chance to witness. Read more about it here.

Oliver Tree has signified a new era for himself as a new artist. Bowl-cut-turned-mullet now bleached blond, Oliver has ditched the flare-cut oversized jeans and windbreaker for a new sound and a new look as an artist. During his official Cowboy Tears Tour on Tuesday, February 22nd, in San Francisco’s Warfield Theater, his performance was split into three parts, each showcasing that transition from older music to new, and everything in-between.

Up first, 347aidan charmed the audience with his and set the tone for the evening. His most popular track, “Dancing In My Room,” has so far amassed over 200 million streams due to its sudden explosion on social media. In this, the artist achieved a growing success and celebrates with a string of performances all over the US, opening for Oliver Tree. His youthful energy electrified the stage. Electric guitars blazed in the air with beach and surf tones as each verse was layered in a grit beyond his years.

Rising artist, Sueco, joined the stage with a neon sign lit in the background. The gold-certified Los Angeles-based singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist channels the spirit of nineties pop-punk through a 21st century lens, tapping into the unpredictability of hyperpop, the catharsis of hardcore, and a whole lot of hip-hop finesse. His increasing success followed the shutdowns, after making music confined in lockdown and releasing a string of successful hits, such as “Paralyzed,” and “Loser,” as the track “fast,” from his 2019 project, MISCREANT, achieved viral success over social media. On the brink of releasing his debut album [IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED] available on March 4th, he hopped on stage with a sway of confidence and poise. Fans sang and danced along energetically.

Oliver Tree concluded the night with a long set list, split into three parts, along with multiple costume and set changes. We won’t try to spoil too many of the theatrics, and conclude the performance as something much worth witnessing in person.

The first part of the performance showcased Oliver wearing in what we all have come to know him as best– in his full windbreaker and flare jeans, he lovingly teased the sold-out crowd as they sang along to every word of his greatest hits thus far. But it was the final part of the performance, and the longest, that curated a grand finale, of sorts, showcasing his newest sound. The soundtrack of Clint Eastwood’s “The Good, Bad, And Ugly” played in the fully transformed stage, now themed perfectly from an old western as Oliver was re-introduced as “The Man, The Myth, The Legend…” wearing all denim, fringe on his coat, and a cowboy hat.

“Welcome to Cowboy Tears,” he began to sob uncontrollably, and was met with giggling from the crowd.

Some people asked why I changed my clothes… why I changed the hair. And you gotta know that I’m just a person. I change just like all of you. And you also had five years… so if you didn’t catch me anytime then, you missed out.

~ Oliver Tree

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